Remodeling Jobs With McManus Kitchen and Bath

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To be the best you have to work with best. We are always open to meeting new people and exploring ways to improve our team.

We’re committed to a providing a high level of customer service to our clients and to do that we need people who are intelligent communicators and committed to continuous learning and a pursuit of excellence. 

If you have a passion for helping people, are the kind of person who is always seeking to improve and you have an interest in construction and design we encourage you complete our applicant survey.

Please do not email, call or drop by the showroom to ask for a job. The best thing to do is click the button below and complete the applications. We respond to all submissions.

Pro Tips for Getting Noticed:

When we are hiring we publish the position to But you are welcome to submit a resume at anytime using the button above and we will notify you if we start hiring for that postion.

Here are a few tips to increase your chances for working for us or other employers.

How To Get Your Resume Noticed

The effort, honesty and transparency you put in your resume can make a big difference.  Take 10 minutes to customize your resume for each job application and you will triple your chances of being called for an interview.

Add a cover letter or introdcutory paragraph that explains any gaps in experience or work history and speak to why you want this role and how you will add value. 

Respond promptly. If  we don’t hear back from you in 24 hours or less we will assume you are not really interested.

State your reason for applying to this specific position at the top.  Your resume should be created specifically for the company you are applying to.

List your last 3 jobs. We don’t need your entire work history. If you relevant experiece was more than 3 jobs ago just explain that in your cover letter/intro. 

List Education both formal and certificate courses,  including graduation or completion dates. 

Make your job descriptions direct and transparent.  We don’t need fancy titles and flowery descriptions. We need to know your exact responsibilites and what practical skills you earned that would applicable at your new role with us.

Example of a bad description:  “Optimized work readiness with effective gathering of parts and supplies in alignment with specifications.”

Example of an honest and useful description:  ” I learned how to use our large copier to print, copy , collate and staple large documents. “

Complete the application and we will be in touch. We reply to all applications. You should check your email regularly and respond promptly when we contact you.

Remodeling Jobs We Hire For:

Sales and Design Positions

Sales and Estimating

This role requires years of experience in sales, deisgn and estimating in the remodeling industry. 

Marketing Associate

Entry level role. Lead intake, tracking and sales. Creates initial budget and concept for client.  Manages social media and content markeitng.

Design Assistant and Interns

Entry level role. Assits with lead intake and tracking. Assists designers with ordering, project set up and design work.


Requires years of remodeling specific desgin experience and knowledge of cabinets and NKBA guidelines.

Design & Selections for kitchen, bath and whole home remodels. Bids management and ordering. Assist with project management (visit jobsite 2-3 times during project).

Production Positions

Warehouse Manager

Entry level, requires 2-3 years experience in warehouse mangement or construction. Receiving and storage of materials, lumber yard runs, delivery to jobsites. Assists project managers as needed with scheduling inspections, job site set up etc…

Project Manager

Requires 3-5 years experience in project management for a remodeling company. Reviews projects in design. Responsible for on site supervision and production. Manages project schedules and sub contractors.

Production Manager

Requires many years of experience in all aspects of remodeling, sales and estimating. Supervises production staff. Does global schedule planning and works with designers to create accurate estimates and bids.

Our Mission: We Exist to Make Lives Better

We know people are happier when they have a home that is easy to care for and that makes their daily routine more enjoyable. Our mission is to improve peoples lives by providing an enjoyabe way to create a beauctiful and efficient to live. 

Core Values

Our team share a few important core values. These three tenants inform our decision making when it comes to how we treat each other and serve our clients.


Even in the smallest interactions we earn with each other and our clients. From the first phone call to the final walk through we promise to do what say we will and being honest and transparent in the way we do things.

Pursuit of Excellence.

Through a combination of conferences, in house and self directed training we are constantly working to improve and become more expert in our roles. 

Commitment to a Remarkable Customer Experience

The experience of the remodel is just as important as the end result. Great communication and planning are cornerstones of our process.

Work Culture

Friendly and Professional

Its important that we like each other and work well together. Mutual respect is key. Sometimes we hang out outside of work but we are not a “family” and there are no forced company outings or team building exercises.

We expect people to do their job well and not be a jerk. Sometimes voices are raised but it is never personal, we just care deeply about our work.

Performance Driven

Always work to get better. Don’t dwell on mistakes, own them, learn from them and don’t repeat them. Hold each other to a high standard.

Continuous Improvement

We attend several trainings and conference each year.There is always more to learn.

Team Oriented 

Though we often work alone we do not work in silos. We communicate constantly and believe in cross training, understanding each others needs and helping each other to get the job done. We check each others work.

Work is its own reward, but so are salary and time off

We have a passion for our work and helping our clients. We’re not just here for the paycheck. Most positions are salaried. We don’t require long hours but sometimes they are necessary. But we also believe in fair compensation and generous time off. What’s the point of working hard if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Employees as Partners

Ownership is a key word for our company. We want you to take ownership of your job and work to not only gain kudo’s for yourself but to improve the company as a whole. Our performance review and reward systems are designed around this idea.

We also want to provide an environment where our employees can work hard but also enjoy time off and a good work-life balance. We want employees to be in control of their work output and schedule as much as possible.

Customers First
We are a customer first business.

  • We work to put ourselves in our customer’s ‘shoes’
  • We set clear expectations and work to exceed them.
  • We communicate clearly and often.
  • Surprise and delight whenever possible
  • Earn 5 start reviews on every job

Long Term Relationships with Trade Partners

Our subcontractors and vendors are a big part of our success. We aim to find the best trade partners available and then work together to serve our customers. We encourage our trade partners to get continuing education and provide opportunities where we can.

Like all relationships this requires good communication and expectation setting. Treat our trade partners like clients, we work for them just as much as they work for us.

At McManus Kitchen and Bath, we know people are happier when they have a home that is organized and easy to care for. The problem is most homes have design issues that cause a low level of stress every day. In order to correct that, a kitchen remodel is necessary.

A lot of people put off updating their kitchen because they’re not sure where to start and the process can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a single place where you can meet with construction and design professionals to get the help and advice you need.

We start each project with a Design and Budget Consult so you can clarify your design ideas and get a Good Better Best budget for your project.

To get started just contact us to schedule a consult