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Arabesque Tile

What the Heck is Arabesque Tile?

Arabesque tile is a lantern-style tile, consisting of tendrils of a repeating pattern. Lantern tiles are easy to clean and can be coordinated with various color styles for a custom design. This style of tile dates back thousands of years, and isn’t going out of style.

My 3 favorite Arabesque Tiles

Check out these three 1 minute videos of my favorite Arabesque tile, I’ve included the cost of each tile in the description.

1. Thalia, a stunning yellow-green with gold colored accents creates a rich backsplash for the kitchen. Cost: $9.73/sq ft


2. Hudson Tangier Sapphire, a deep Sapphire colored tile that can stand fiercely on its own or alternate with a lighter color for a less bold effect. I love how deep blues make a room appear larger (hint: small bathroom remodels). Cost: $12.98/sq ft


3. Arabesque Orion is a gorgeous variation of blues (watch the video to best see all of the colors!) that would look stunning as an accent wall or a simple backsplash in a half-bath. Cost $9.29/sq ft

Where to install Arabesque Tile?

You can really install this tile anywhere you like, though it does have a lot of grout lines so perhaps it’s not best as a floor tile.

  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Kitchen backsplash (indoor or outdoor)
  • Reading nooks (kids love this!)
  • Bathroom floors

Why I love Arabesque Tile?

Arabesque tiles are timeless. 

Arabesque tiles have been used since the Bronze ages (maybe before?) to create visually appealing spaces.

They are versatile.

Indoor or outdoor. Lantern tiles look great in both new and old homes and can be used to create accent walls or used alone as floor tiles. In the Arab world, they are commonly used as fireplace surrounds.

With availability in matte or glossy, you can find a place for Lantern tiles in and around your home with great durability.

They look luxurious.

Every time I’ve entered a room with Lantern Tiles, I’ve felt like I was in Aladdin.. or Frozen, more recently. The blue Arabesque tiles remind me of Elsa, and who doesn’t want to feel like an Ice Princess in the Florida heat?

They are easy to maintain.

We hate when it happens, but sometimes tiles do break. Arabesque tiles interlock nicely and are easy to replace. This is one of the reasons they have maintained popularity over hundreds of years in ancient sites.

Arabesque tiles can look great on a budget.

A full wall is captivating, but an accent backsplash adds extra visual interest on a lower budget.

Where to See Arabesque Tiles in Tallahassee

We have recently added Arabesque tile from SomerTile to our showroom on West Tharpe St. so you can come down and see this gorgeous tile for yourself. Our showroom is appointment only right now but you can click the link below to schedule a time to visit us:

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