Bidet Seat Options And Why You Need One

Bidet seat attachment on a toilet

Bidets and Bidet Seats: Not Gross At All 

If you’ve never used–or even seen–a bidet before, you might be confused and not a little concerned the first time you encounter one!

However, if you take the time to learn about their benefits, you might find yourself understanding them a little better–and maybe even deciding to have one installed in your bathroom!

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Key Takeaways

  • People have used bidets for a long time, and they’re common around the world.

  • While they can be unfamiliar, they’re not hard to use, and most people prefer them once they try them. 
  • There are three main types of bidets: standalone, bidet attachments, and bidet seats.

  • Bidets are helpful for people with health or mobility issues, and are much more hygienic.

What is a Bidet?

A bidet (pronounced bu-DAY) is a fixture or system that uses a stream of water to help you get clean after you use the bathroom.

Sometimes a bidet is a standalone fixture in the bathroom next to the toilet. It looks like a low sink. Other times, a bidet is built into the toilet seat or is an attachment.

Originating in France in the 1600s, the bidet is a plumbing concept as old as the American Colonies.

Today, they are standard in many places like France, Japan, Portugal, and other European and Asian countries.

And yet many Americans seem to think that these historic bathroom fixtures come from another planet. A little bit of learning can go a long way toward increasing comfortability with these devices. 

There are several reasons Americans aren’t comfortable with bidets. First is simple exposure. Less than 15% of Americans know a lot about bidets and over two-thirds have never used one.

Thirty-seven percent of Americans don’t even know what a bidet looks like. They’re not a common feature in bathrooms in America–although they are becoming more popular.

Second, because they’re not a popular fixture in America, our bathrooms have not generally been designed to accommodate two toilet-sized fixtures. It’s a cycle: we don’t use bidets, so we don’t build bathrooms that accommodate them, so we don’t use them.

This cycle is being interrupted by the adoption of bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments, which hook onto the existing toilet and don’t require an entirely new fixture.

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Three Types of Bidets


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Standalone Bidets

Standalone bidets–the type that looks like a low sink–used to be how all bidets were made. They are still common in places like Europe and Asia, but are rare to find in America. 

This second fixture is installed next to the toilet. After using the toilet, you move to the bidet to clean up. Standalone bidets have adjustable water pressure and temperature.

Bidet Attachment

Bidet attachements like this one from Tileon (avalibale at Home Depot) are easy to install and preferred by some over bidet seats.

Bidet Attachments

Bidet attachments are handheld tools that allow you to adjust the water pressure and position of the stream as desired.

These extendable nozzles attach to the existing toilet and use the clean water already plumbed to the toilet. They can be plumbed into a hot water line to allow for temperature adjustment as well.

Bidet seat

Bidet Seats

The most popular option today is the bidet seat. Rather than attaching to the existing seat or bowl, bidet seats replace the entire seat and lid on the toilet.

They have a sprayer built into the seat (which is adjustable to account for user preference). Bidet seats often have luxury features like heated seats and warm air dryers. 

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Benefits of Bidets

The average American uses over 630 miles of toilet paper in their lifetime. That’s a lot of trees. Bidets cut down on the use of toilet paper drastically.

While many people still use some toilet paper, it’s obviously much less than their bidet-less counterparts. 

Using bidets is also good for your home’s plumbing. Less toilet paper being flushed down the toilet means fewer clogs and less work for your septic system.

Bidets can be a fantastic option for people with mobility issues. It’s easier to push a button and get clean than to reach for toilet paper and reach down to clean yourself. Installing a bidet attachment or bidet seat in the primary bathroom might be a great way to support aging in place and allow older adults to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Bidets can be more hygienic than toilet paper as well. It eliminates the need to put your hands in an unclean area and can get you cleaner than toilet paper. People with health issues related to going to the bathroom often find bidets are helpful and more comfortable than toilet paper.

Drawbacks of Bidets

While bidets offer a host of pros, they are not without their cons as well. If you’re not used to using a bidet, you might find that the experience is uncomfortable or unpleasant. You may just not want to mess with learning a new system.

There is an upfront cost to installing a bidet attachment or bidet seat, especially if you want them to be connected to hot water.

The cost isn’t very high, and you will save money on toilet paper. But if you’re currently comfortable with your bathroom routine, it may not make sense to take on an extra expense unnecessarily.

Is a Bidet Right for You?

Maybe! If you want to go green and save some trees, you like the idea of being cleaned with water rather than toilet paper, you’re adventurous, or you have used one in the past and found that you liked it, a bidet might be for you!

If you have health or mobility issues, or someone in your family does, a bidet might help them manage a little better. Of course, if you are doing a bathroom remodel, it may be the perfect time to add in a bidet.

You can find bidet attachments and seats that range from basic and simple to full of features and choices. Do a little digging and decide what features you want. You may find that you really like having a bidet in your bathroom. They’re not gross at all!

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