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Cabinet Design Tips


Cabinet Design

Cabinet refacing is a great way to update the look of your kitchen but sometimes you need a few modifications as well to really update the look and function of your space. Today we have 3 Cabinet design tips from Cabinet Cures founder, Kelly Koch. Scroll down to watch the cabinet design videos or continue reading for our summary.

Cabinet Design Tip #1: Use Taller or Wider Doors

When refacing your kitchen you don’t just have to replace your doors exactly as they are. You can make them larger to cover up outdated cubby holes or make them wider, turning them in to “butt door” which is a high end custom look for cabinets.

Cabinet Design Tip #2: Get Rid of that Kitchen Desk!

Remember these?  So many kitchens have these desk cubbies that do nothing but gather clutter and waste space. They used to be place where the landline phone was kept and maybe a phone books and notepad. Since those are not longer common items kept in the kitchen we no longer really need that space.

If your updating your cabinet with a cabinet refacing take the time to reinvent this area as well. What to do?  Well, as Kelly demonstrates in the video below a popular option is to add a wine fridge and wine storage to replace the desk and cubbies.

Not a wine person?  Consider putting a bank of deep drawers in this space. Great for storing all your larger counter top appliances.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

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Cabinet Design Tip # 3: Choose your Cabinet Door Color and Wood Species First

You kitchen cabinets are the center piece of the kitchen Choose your wood species and finish first, then think about your counter tops and tile. A great way to tie your cabinets into your counter or tile is to use a custom glaze. A black glaze for example would go well with black counter tops or tile.

Watch this short video for the full design tips from Kelly:


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