Easier Schedule, Better Communication and 24/7 Access to Project Information

Using technology to improve your remodeling experience.

A worry free remodel is all about having systems and processes in place to make sure everyones expectations are met. Communication is key. 


We'll Plan Everything Down to the Last Light Switch

No cookie cutter designs here. Our design team and showroom are at your disposal and we’ll work together to create a truly custom space you’ll love.

kitchen design


Design Meetings

At your first design meeting you’ll have 3 to 5 options to review. Each design meeting has a specific goal to create your perfect space.



Liveable Remodeling


Detailed Plans and Renderings

3D renders combined with real world samples from our showroom help you visualize the design. Accurate working plans ensures there isn’t any confusion on the jobsite.



Kitchen Remodeling


Pre-Construction Meetings

We get the project team involved early in the process to make sure our designs are practical as well as beautiful.

Our Design Process

Our estimate and design process starts with your Good Better Best Budget. After you have approved your initial budget we will schedule a series of design meetings so we can begin to fine tune all the details of your project.

Step 1: Schedule Your Design Meetings

Each design meeting lasts about 90 minutes and has a specific goal and outcome. We’ll update the pricing for your project at the end of each meeting and send you updated plans and 3D drawings as well.

Start with your floorplan and storage

At your first design meeting we’ll have your initial floor plan ready to review

Then choose your materials and fixtures

We carry a several lines of cabinetry, tile and fixtures in the showroom. We also work with online vendors and local partners when needed. 

Add Color and Style

Finally we layer in the small details like plug locations, cabinet pulls and paint color

Step 2: Meet Your Project Manager

At your second design meeting you’ll get a chance to meet with your project manager. He will schedule a time to visit your home to verify measurements and start reviewing the project with our trade partners.

Verify Measurements

We’ll schedule a second home visit to confirm measurements and make sure there aren’t any ‘red flags’ with the scope of work. 

Review Trade Agreements

We create a detailed bid package for each trade partner involved in your project to help set expectations and get accurate pricing for your fixed price proposal. 

Step 3: Review Your Fixed Price Proposal

Once all the design and selection work is complete we will create your fixed price proposal and schedule and firm start date for your project.

Review Final Proposal

We review the details of the project one last time at our final design meeting then present you with your fixed price proposal.

Sign Permit Documents

We’ll also review and notarize the appropriate permit paperwork. 

Set Start Date

Finally we’ll set a firm start date for your project and review our pre-construction process with you.

Up Next: Our Project Management Process

Build Clean, Without Interruption

Once your design is complete and you’ve approved your fixed price proposal our production team takes over. Materials are orders, trade partners are scheduled and your project implementation plan is finalized. 

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