November 10, 2018

Our Estimate and Design Process

Floorplan and Storage

Materials and Fixtures

Color and Style

Our Estimate and Design Process

Remodeling your home is a substantial investment and you want to make sure the decisions you make will add value to your life and your home. Our estimate and design process starts with your Good Better Best Budget. After you have approved your initial budget we will schedule a series of design meetings so we can begin to fine tune all the details of your project.

Estimate and Design

Schedule Your Design Meetings

Each design meeting lasts about 90 minutes and has a specific goal and outcome.

Start with your floorplan and storage

At your first design meeting we’ll have your initial floor plan ready to review

Then choose your materials and fixtures

We carry a several lines of cabinetry, tile and fixtures in the showroom. We also work with online vendors and local partners when needed. 

Add Color and Style

Finally we layer in the small details like plug locations, cabinet pulls and paint color

Meet Your Project Manager

At your second design meeting you’ll get a chance to meet with your project manager. This begins the start of the handoff from design to production.

Home Visit

We’ll schedule a second home visit to confirm measurements and make sure there aren’t any ‘red flags’ with the scope of work. 

Bid Requests

After confirming the scope of work we’ll send bid requests to our trade partners so they can provide accurate pricing and give us their input on the project. 

Fixed Price Proposal

After all the design work is done and bids submitted we will create your fixed price proposal. A 30% deposit is due and we will set a firm start date. 

Next Step: Build Clean and Without Interruption

Your Project Manager Takes Over

Once your design is complete and you’ve approved your fixed price proposal our production team takes over. Materials are orders, trade partners are scheduled and your project implementation plan is finalized.