Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost

Typcially, Kitchen cabinet refacing costs about 30 percent less than traditional cabinet replacement but cost is not the only reason to chose refacing over replacing. There are circumstances where refacing costs more than new cabinets but refacing is still the best choice. We’ll explore the cost for refacing and when it might be best to replace instead of reface in this guide.

Small Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost

Small kitchens are usually L-Shaped or Galley style, have 10 to 15 cabinets, no island and are often found in Condos and small homes. 

Mid Sized Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost

Mid Size Kitchens usually have a small island. They are around 12′ x 15 ‘ and have 15 to 20 cabinets. 

Large Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost

Large kitchens have larger islands and between 22 and 30 cabients. 

When to Reface Vs Replace

Refacing a kitchen has two main advantages over new cabients: Its faster and can cost less if modifications are kept to a minimum.

When we talk about the cost of a reface to new cabinets we are just comparing the cost of refacing to the cost of new cabinets. But when you get new cabients there are other costs like new counter, plumbing costs, backsplash tile etc…

The nice thing about kitchen cabinet refacing is your cabinet, counters and appliances all stay in place.

Things to consider:


  • Most cabinet refacing projects are complete within a week to 10 days.
  • New cabinets can take 4 – 6 weeks or more, depending on the extent of the repair work needed after the demo is complete and the lead time on your new counter tops.

Lifestyle Disruption

With refacing there is very little disruption to your daily routine. All work is done in house by our team, and there is no real demo needed. Your counter tops and appliances stay in place and you can keep using your kitchen throughout the process.

When replacing cabinets  you lose the use of your kitchen for the entire project and there are more people in and out of your house during the project.

When refacing is the perfect option

There are situations when cabinet refacing is your very best option, these include:

  • You are not changing the existing cabinet layout
  • You want to keep you existing counter tops
  • You don’t want to go thru the mess and disruption of cabinet replacement

When New Cabinets are Better

If you are remodeling your kitchen, including countertops, flooring, tile etc… and are considering refacing instead of replacing you might want to reconsider. There are advantages to new cabinets that might make them worth the extra cost. 

If you’re unsure which is best for you, give us a call.We’re happy to discuss it.