Builder Grade Kitchen to Custom Kitchen

Cameron Chase Neighborhood, Tallahassee, FL

Lead Designer:  Kristi Williams

Project Manager: Mike Johnson

Builder Grade Kitchen BeforeBuilder Grade Kitchen After

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A builder grade kitchen gets a fantastic makeover!

Builder Grade Kitchen Makeover

Project Highlights

  • Contrasting Kitchen Island
  • GE Cafe Stainless Undercabinet Hood
  • Full Height Stone Backsplash
  • Reeded Glass Cabinets

Quote from the client:

“We’ve lived with that builder grade kitchen for far too long! We are thrilled with new kitchen and eager to enjoy it!” 

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Builder Grade Kitchen Makeover

Project Summary 

This was a project the family had wanted to do for a long time. The layout of the builder grade kitchen was not great and cabinets were cheap and showing their age.

But life has a way of changing priorities and the project kept getting pushed back. That just made it all the sweeter when they were finally able to complete it.

Big Changes

The big changes on this project were moving the fridge so we could create more countertop space around the range and adding a large island with seating. We also added a buffet area with a wall hung TV.

The new layout provides a lot more counterspace and storage as well as a great place to gather.


Proposed project start date: November 2nd, 2022  –   Actual Project Start Date: Novem,ber 2nd, 2022

Proposed Completion Date: Jan 13th, 2023 –  Actual Completion Date: Feb 1, 2023

This project finished about 2 weeks after we had originally planned. The main delay was in getting the countertops fabricated as during this time period there were still a lot of manufacturing delays related to supply chain issues from the pandemic.

Though the project was considered complete on Feb 1st we did have a warranty issue with some light rail molding. That was ordered and did not arrive until mid March so it was installed March 17th.

Budget vs Final Price

The budget we presented for this project as part of our design and budget consult  was $99,609.00.  The final fixed price proposal was for $110,501.95, about 10 percent more than the initial budget

For the most part everything came in on budget but they added a few things in design that were not in the original budget. A full height quartz backsplash instead of tile added about $6000 and new window treatments added $1500.

Change Orders

Just one change order on this project related to replacing the back door. After removing the existing french doors we discovered that the original door had been framed incorrecty. We created a change order for $886 correct the framing before we installed the door.

Builder Grade Kitchen Makeover

Final Project Photos

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