Mini Bar & Coffee Bar Add On - $26,345

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Mini Bar

Adding A Mini Bar and Coffee Bar to a Southwood Kitchen

This project was unique for us. It wasn’t a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but an addition of a mini bar and a coffee bar off of the homeowner’s kitchen and dining area. 

These two additions created an area for entertaining right off the kitchen but also right off the pool deck. This  added an immense amount of happiness value to this home and the day to day enjoyment of the space.

For the style of these two areas, the homeowners wanted to keep with the transitional design of the rest of their home. They went with a spin off of the popular shaker door style and quartz countertops.

Coffee Bar

Project Cost

Good Better Best Budget: $26,517

During our original design and budget consult the homeowners budget turned out to be almost spot on compared to their actual  project costs.

Final Contract Price:  $26,345

After the design work was done the final contract price decreased a small percentage. This project came out right on budget. 

Change Orders: $680.45

After the fixed price contract was signed and during the project, the homeowner decided to move one of their electrical switches to a different location. We created a change order  for the additional electrical work needed to  move the  switch.

Final Project Costs: $27,025

Project Goals

  • Customize the space for entertaining
  • More counter top space
  • Maintain a transitional style
  • Incorporate built in appliances
  • Add more storage 

Fixtures and Materials Used


This project went smoothly from start to finish. The only hiccup we had was during the install of the appliances a small water leak damaged one of the cabinets. We ordered and got the replacement installed as quickly as possible. Since this cabinetry is semi-custom and built to order, we did have to wait a few weeks to get the replacement and have it installed. 


Our Favorite Things:

  • We love the matching quartz backsplash
  • This Tivoli door style is one of our personal favorites
  • The pantry cabinet on this project has 5 adjustable rollouts, which is awesome!


adjustable rollouts

Project Details

For this project we had an open space to work  with so there was very little to no demo associated with this project. The main thing  we were trying to achieve was adding these two bar areas off the kitchen while matching the style of the kitchen itself. These homeowners have plans to remodel their kitchen in the future so they also were balancing getting what they want vs. matching the current kitchen. 

One thing you may notice is that we did not take this cabinetry to the ceiling. These ceilings were taller than average, so we opted to add a decorative molding to the top instead. 

For the mini bar area we added some glass inserts into one cabinet, so they could display some of their nicer glassware. We also added a small tall pantry with adjustable rollouts for accessible storage for their liquor bottles. Another cool feature of this mini bar is the two drawer bases. Inside are actually an additional fridge and freezer. 

For the coffeebar area we installed a built in coffee maker which gave this space a custom feel. We also added a trash pull out for recycling and coffee grinds. 

Before Photos

Design Photos

During Photos

After Photos

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Paul McManus

Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326