A Small Kitchen Gets A Better Layout

Killearn Lakes Tallahassee, FL

Lead Designer: Kristi Williams

Project Manager: Mike Johnson

Small Kitchen BeforeSmall Kitchen After

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Small Kitchen Remodel Overview

Start Date:  Jan 5th 2023

Completion Date: March 3rd (except warranty cabinets – see below)

Total Cost: $72,986.75

Key Updates:

  • Moved Peninsula to add Counterspace
  • Widened Entry and Moved Fridge for More Room
  • Added Desk/Buffet Area
  • Floating Wood Countertop in Desk Area

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Small Kitchen before plan

Before: The fridge crowded the doorway and there was not much counterspace around the range

Small Kitchen after plan

After: We moved the fridge, widened the opening and moved the penisula to create more counter space. 

Small Kitchen Remodel with Layout Changes

Project Summary:

This small kitchen was badly in need of an update. The couple had purchased it just a few months before and the kitchen remodel was first on their list. With small kitchens it can be difficult to improve the layout much but in this case there were a few changes we made that had big impact.

The most significant was moving the peninsula back about 12″. That gave them more counter space next to range and created more room in the kitchen. We also widened the entrance, moved the fridge and added a tall cabinet for more storage. Finally we added a desk/buffet area where the breakfast nook was.

Clients Main Issues With Current Space

  • Small Kitchen felt cramped
  • Lack of storage space
  • Lack of counter space
  • Outdated look
  • Wasted space in breakfast area

Small Kitchen Remodel Scope of Work

This is what we call a ‘gut renovation with layout changes’. Though the layout changes were minor they did have a big impact on this small kitchen. 

  • Demo Kitchen – Remove all cabinets and Fixtures
  • Widen kitchen entrance
  • Move plumbing back 12″
  • Add plugs, move switches
  • Add lighting, add ventillation
  • Frame in passthrough in breakfast area
  • Patch Wood Flooring
  • Patch drywall
  • Install new cabients and counters
  • Add buffet and desk to breakfast area
  • Add floating wood countertop to breakfast area
  • New hood, reuse other appliances
  • Add New Trim and Paint Kitchen 

Challenges And Solutions

Shipping damage

We ran into a big problem before this project even started. Their cabinets were delivered about a week before demo and many of them arrived damaged. We unloaded and went through everything and called the client to break the bad news that we would have to delay the project start until we could get new cabinets.

But the client was anxious to get their small kitchen updated and asked if there was any way to stick to the original timeline. We made a plan and decided to move forward.

Things went very well from there. We were able to get most of the base cabinets in and ‘mock up’ the missing cabinets so the countertops could be templated. At the time it was taking 3 weeks to get countertops so that gave us time to receive the new cabinets and get them installed.

The new cabinets arrived and we got them installed before the countertops. Unfortunately though two upper cabinet arrived damaged again!  For cabinets to arrive damaged is very unusual but for it to happen twice is unheard of. Fortunately the upper cabinets would not delay any other part of the project so we finished up the plumbing and electric work so they could have a functioning kitchen (less two upper cabinets).


We also faced a challenge with their flooring. We had to patch some of the wood floor when we moved the peninsula and widened the doorway. During design we had out flooring installer look at it and he felt it would be easy to match. However during the project when he went to get the matching material he discovered that size had been discontinued.

The solution was to buy flooring that was wider, cut it down to the right size and add a new tonque and groove to it. Then stain and finish it to match. It took quite a bit of work and a few tries but he was finally able to match it perfectly.


    • Proposed project start date: Jan 5th 2023

    •  Actual Project Start Date: Jan 5th, 2023

    • Proposed Completion Date: March 17th, 2023

    • Actual Completion Date: April 3rd 2023

    Budget vs Final Price

    The intial budget for this project presented after our design and budget consult was $72,972

    After all the design work and final bids were complete the actual total came to $72,986, more or less right on budget!

    Change Orders

    There were no change orders on this project.

      Small Kitchen Update

      Materials and Fixtures:

      • Frameless Semi Custom Cabinets by Luxor Cabinets
        • Cambira Ironsbridge Countertop installed by Southern Tops
        • Boston Door Style in Casablanca White
        • Artic white herringbone marble backspalsh tile from the Tile Shop
      • Fixtures and Accessories
        • Kraus Belluci Granite Composite Sink
        • Truncated Cone Shade Sconce from Shades of Light

      Before Photos

      Design Work

      Final Project Photos

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