Walk In Closet and Primary Bath remodel

Mill Branch Rd, Tallahassee

Lead Designer: Stephanie Jen                       

Project Manager: Elliot Holtom                     

Total Cost: $181,618.79

Time To Complete: 8 Weeks

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Primary Bath With Walk In Closet: Before/After Slider

Drag the slider to see the transformation of the bathroom

We added beams to the ceiling, updated the vanity and added a freestanding tub alcove. We also removed a wall so we could fit a walk in shower and separate toilet room. Finally we expanded the walk in closet and added a coffee station. 

Primary Bath With Walk In Closet: Key Updates

  • Removed walls to expand shower and closet
  • Added oak beams to vaulted ceiling
  • Gucci wallpaper in toilet room
  • Buster and Punch Switches
  • Gorgeous granite counters drive the color scheme
  • Bath opens to an office so we added a coffee bar and mini fridge too.
  • Custom Closet Furniture to maximize storage

Walk In Closet Before/After

Drag the slider to see the transformation of the Closet

The closet was an odd shape and had some ikea closet furniture. We removed a wall to make the shower a little larger and installed custom closet furniture to maximize storage.

Project Summary:

This primary bath is in a gorgeous home on 5 acres in the Mill Branch area of Tallahassee. The couple have a strong sense of their style and chose a beautiful granite counter early in the process. The dramatic granite needed to be a focal point so the rest of the bath’s color scheme revolved around it.

The free standing tub was another natural focal point and we added oak beams to the ceiling to help draw the eye up into the space.

We had to remove several walls in order to fit a large walkin shower, toilet room and expand the closet. They wanted to keep the original wood flooring and we were able to match it perfectly where patches were needed.

A coffee station is a little bit of an unusual feature to have in a bathroom but this bath also opens up on to his home office so it made a lot of sense here.

Shower, Toilet room and coffee station

We removed a wall to allow for the large walk in shower and separate toilet room. The coffee station/beverage nook opens to his home office. 

Vanity, tub and Barn door

The granite counter really steals the show and drove a lot of the other color choices. The barn door helps tie in the other wood features in the bathroom and bedroom.

Walk In closet

We also expanded the walk in closet and installed custom closet furniture to maximize storage. 

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Remodeling by nature is a little unpredicable. Even with the best of planning there is often a surprise or two. Our goal is to learn from these challenges and improve our systems and processes to avoid them in the future.

Challenges And Solutions

This was a large project and we had a pretty strict deadline – to finish before thanksgiving. The timeline was tight but we did complete it on time.

There were a few small surprises that were easily dealt with… some odd plumbing done by previous contractors had to be corrected and some unforseen power lines for their air handler had to be moved.

Challenge 1: Plumbing

Challenge: After demo we discovered the plumbing from the upstairs bath had been routed through a wall we were removing. This was unexpected as the bath was not in line with the downstairs bath. 

Solution: This required an extra day for the plumber to re-route the drain and supply lines but we pretty easy to deal with. We were able to get it done without affecting the project timeline. 

Challenge 2: Power for Air Handler

Challenge: Another surprise after demo was that the power for their upstairs air handler was run through a closet wall we were removing.

Solution: This was also farily simple for the electricans to take care of and did not affect the project timeline.

Challenge 3: Motion Sensor for Toe Kick Light

Challenge: We installed a toe kick light in the vanity (they make great night lights) and the client wanted to put it on a motion sensor. We had a few snags trying to figure out the best way to ge the sensor installed. 

Solution: This just took a little trial and error. At first the vendor sent us the wrong sensor and it would not work with the LED lights. Once we got the correct sensor we were able to get it working without issue. 

Primary Bath Remodel with Walk in Closet

Our Favorite Things

Every project has a few things that really make it stand out or were special to the homeowner. Here are our favorites.

Buster and punch switches

Buster and Punch Switches make for a nice accent, though the dimmers are a little finicky

Gucci Wallpaper

The Gucci wallpaper is exactly what you’d expect… a little ostentationous but also makes the space!

Bath and Walk in Closet Remodel after

Oak beams help define the space and draw the eye into the room. 

Coffee station and walk in closet entrance

The bath was large and opens onto his office so adding a coffee station/beverage center made sense.

Walk in Closet

Custom closet furniture maximizes storage. 

Walk in shower

The walk in, barrier free shower with a granite threshold that matches the countertop and tub accent.

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Project Video

Summary of video

Full Bath Pan Right

Walk In Closet to Bath Transition

Project Story: Start To Finish

Estimate, Design and Planning

This bath remodel had been on their mind for some time. They had attempted to do a few things on their own but as often happens the project stalled and was left unfinished. The space had a lot of potential with vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light.

Main Issues With Current Space

The closet was an odd shape and had some wasted space. The shower was on the small side and in the same room as the toilet which could be inconvenient at times. The vanity was outdated and the bath in general just did not match the decor of the rest of the home.

Before Plan and After Plan

Walk in closet and primary bath before plan

Before Plan with toilet in the shower room and two small closets

Walk in Closet and Primary bath after plan

After plan. Moved closet wall, closed in part of the hallway, removed wall to create separate toilet room and walk in shower.


  • Proposed project start date: September 5th, 2023

  •  Actual Project Start Date: September 5th, 2023

  • Proposed Completion Date: November 14th, 2023

  • Actual Completion Date: November 14th, 2023

Primary Bath and Walk In Closet Project Costs

Our Process: We start each project with a Design and Budget Consult to create the initial estimate. Then we collect a 5% Design retainer to complete the design, select all the materials and get exact labor costs. At the end of the design process we present a fixed price proposal for the project. 

Initial Estimate:  $148,195

This was the estimate we presented at the end of our design and budget consult. It included a mix of Good and Better selections.

Fixed price proposal: $176,980

The project scope expanded a little in design and the client went with some pretty high end fixtures and custom closet furniture instead of a stock option. This, along with some higher plumbing and electric costs increased the budget.

      Change Orders: $4,638.65

      There were a few change orders on this project. Two due to unforseen conditions and 1 at the customers request. 

        • Plumbing for the upstairs bath had to be moved, this was not discovered until after demo was complete. 
        • Power for the air handler upstairs had to be moved, this also was unknown until after demo. 
        • The customer asked to paint the master bedroom, this was not in the original scope. 

        Total Project Cost: $181,618

        After all change orders, etc…

          Cost Breakdown

          • Installation Labor 48% 48%
          • Materials and Fixtures 25% 25%
          • Design and Project Management Costs 11% 11%
          • Sales Tax and Shipping 4% 4%
          • Overhead and Profit 10% 10%
          • Change Orders 2% 2%

          Walk In Closet and Primary Bath Remodel

          Materials and Fixtures Used in This Project

          • Cabinets and Counters
            • Frameless Semi Custom Cabinets by Decor Cabinets. In Midnight Indigo
            • San Marino Granite from MGM Granite in Tallahassee
            • Ulster Knobs and Pulls from Top Knobs
            • Custom Closet Furniture from Contemporary Closet Solutions
            • Oak Beams from Blackwater Timber
          • Shower and Tile
            • Daltile Nautical Grey 12×24 Natural Stone Marble POLISHED
            • White Carrara 2″ x 2″ Floor & Wall Mosaic from Bedrosians on shower floor
          • Flooring
            • Bruce Waltham Plank 2 1/4″ x 3/4″ Gunstock from Flooring America
          • Other Fixtures and Accessories
            • Grotesque Wallpaper from Gucci
            • Switches and Plugs from Buster and Punch
            • Delta Cassidy Widespread Bathroom Faucet
            • Kohler Memoirs Stately 1.6 GPF Two-Piece Elongated Comfort Height Toilet
            • Delta Cassidy Thermostatic Shower System

          Before Photos

          Final Project Photos

          Final Thoughts

          This was a really fun project to do for a great couple. The bath has just about every feature you could want in a primary bathroom!  

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