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bathroom storage

We removed the spa tub which created room for this craftsman style bench


“I have Plenty of storage in my bathroom”… Said no one ever

10 Bathroom Storage Ideas

Good bathroom storage is essential it seems you can rarely ever have enough. The main source of storage in the bathroom is of course the bathroom vanity. But so much of that storage space is taken up by plumbing that its not very useful, plus its low to the ground and things have a tendency to get lost in the back of the cabinet.

If you are completely remodeling your bathroom you can create unique storage like the bench pictured above which was a part of this project. If you’re not remodeling any time soon you might have to get creative. This good news is there is a growing list of ready made storage solutions on the market today and some good DIY solutions.

In the houzz slideshow below you’ll see 10 different options for bathroom storage that may work for you.

Our thoughts on the slides

  1. Built in Space Savers
    • Linens tower and other storage towers are ideal if you have the space for them. I love the vertical pullout in the first slide
  2. Over the Toilet
    • I’m not the biggest fan of over the toilet storage but it is a great place to add storage if you need it.
  3. Over the tub
    • with the popularity of free standing tubs these days I love the idea of cubby storage over the tub
  4. Recessed niches
    • Recessed niches are popular in the shower but they can be just as useful in other areas of the bath
  5. Upper cabinets
    • If you have tall ceilings adding some 12″ wall cabinets up high is a great idea
  6. Organize, Organize, Organize
    • Even with limited storage if its organize well it will make like much easier
  7. Over the Door
    • Another place to capture a bit of storage is over the bathroom door
  8. Combine functions
    • If you can combine say your laundry room and bathroom you can get a bigger combined space
  9. Vertical Storage
    • Often there is dead space in a bathroom where a wall had to be built out to accommodate a tub or some plumbing. Capture that space with some pullout vertical storage
  10. Rolling Storage
    • just like in the kitchen, storage that can be wheeler out of the way when not in use and wheel in when needed can be a big help

Check out the full slideshow:



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