2022 Design Trends Wrap Up

2022 Design Trends Fun wallpaper

2022 was a unique year in the design world. We saw influences from the pandemic linger, while aesthetic revivals and new fads emerged throughout the year.

While some trends are sure to stay, others may soon disappear, burning out as quickly as they had sparked interest. 

Redfin reached out to us in December and asked us to share our thoughts on an enduring trend from 2022. For us it was Zeillige Tiles.

Laundry Room Remodel Tallahassee

4×4 White Zellige Tiles in a Laundry Backsplash 

2022 Design Trends: Zeillige Tiles

Looking back at our designs from 2022 one thing was very clear, morrocan inspired Zellige tiles surpassed the long standing subway tiles in popularity. 

Zellige tiles come in lots of shapes and sizes and have a handmade look and feel. They have slight color variations that are subtle but enought to add some interest to a backsplash or shower. 

2022 Design trend Zellige tiles in shower

6×6 Zellige Tiles in a Shower

Kitchen Design Trend for 2023: Personalization

We are always on the lookout for new products and styles but we’re more focused on the personal style of our clients than trying to mimic what someone else tells us is popular or trendy.

Still, trends are useful to understand what others are doing and to find new ideas to share.

I like to think about the direction of trends rather than specific colors or styles that are trending at the moment.

One thing that seems clear over the last several years is design is trending towards being more and more personal. More about the individual than the group.


bright white kitchen


For example, even though white or off white kitchens are still very trendy (and beautiful) some people are choosing walnut cabinets and a mid century inspired look like this recent kitchen we updated:


design trends walnut and teal


Or lighter stains like in this one


Remodeling Contractor open kitchen


Or even dramitc colors like this blue butlers pantry


Blue cabinets design trend

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Kitchen update

An L-shaped layout is very efficient and the white and blue cabinets with gold accents create a stylish kitchen

Function First and Your Personal Style

Kitchen design is about function first and the colors and patterns are layered on top. Work with a design professional that understands the workflow and layout of an efficient kitchen and who will work with you to uncover your style and create the look that inspires you.

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Redfin reached out to design experts from Anaheim, CA, to Bridgeport, CT, including us, to share our favorite and not-so-favorite 2022 design trends.

Read the entire article:  2022 Design Trends Wrapped.

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