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Your kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time. Whether you’re preparing meals for the family, unwinding at the kitchen table with a cup of tea or baking holiday treats, the kitchen is somewhere you love to be. Why not personalize the space and make it your haven? Here are three ways to do that.

Update Your Cabinets

Several key things will offer you a totally different vibe in any space. When it comes to the kitchen, your cabinets are one of them. You can update your kitchen cabinets to your taste without spending a fortune. Whether you choose the painted look, a wooden feel, or a modern style, there are ways to skip the price tag that comes with having your kitchen cabinets custom made. Choose snap-together cabinetry for a great-looking space. Many people have turned to this as a cheaper, more doable upgrade that will last long and look amazing for years to come. If you coordinate this with a great backsplash and complementing countertops, it will feel like you have a whole new room.

Dress Your Windows

Whatever upgrades you choose to implement into a kitchen remodeling, one thing that you won’t want to forget are the windows. The window area is frequently overlooked, which is surprising. If you properly dress your kitchen windows, you will totally transform the space. Budget Blinds recommends that you can complement your existing interior and furnishings when you use versatile blinds, shades, wooden shutters or elegant drapery in your design scheme for your kitchen. The right window coverings will complete the look once all of the finishing touches have been set into place.

You do have to think carefully about which window dressing will be right for your style and your kitchen. You won’t want to use heavy fabrics, even if elegance is your end goal. This is because the heavier the fabric, the more it will hold the aromas of cooking. If the window is above the sink, chose a fabric that you won’t have to worry about getting wet. A decorative shade is handy because it can be raised when you are at the sink. Tidbits & Twine suggests using something different than a traditional shade or curtain like wreaths, ribbons, sconces, or a shelf.

Add Lighting Accents

Let’s face it; lighting can make or break a space. Make sure that you change out the old fixtures to match the style you have chosen whether that’s fun and quirky, simple and modern or rustic. You can select a beautiful and decorative pendant lighting option and add pops of color with small appliances and photo frames throughout the kitchen. Lightology encourages out of the box thinking like adding interior lights to your cabinets that turn on when they’re opened like you refrigerator. Or you could add lights to the inside of your glass faced cabinets for a chic and modern look. Just make sure that with any light you add that it’s not too glaring or offensive, there’s a difference between being well lit and too bright.

So, there you have it, three ways to totally transform your kitchen and add value to the home while making it your own. Your space will be a relaxing haven rather than a place to just get things done, and the memories made there will last a lifetime.

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