Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Update your kitchen with less mess and disruption

  • Replace Doors and Drawer fronts
  • Add soft close drawers and organizers
  • Modify or add cabinets
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Cabinets Worn Out?

All new doors with soft close hardware


Need Better Storage?

Add drawers, pullouts and organizers


Update Your Kitchen Faster

Completed in as little as 5 – 8 days

Update Your Kitchen with Less Disruption to Your Daily Routine

Many people would like to remodel their kitchen but are hesitant to start because they don’t want to be without a functioning kitchen for 6 weeks or more.

Kitchen cabinet refacing allows you to update your kitchen quickly and affordably without the disruption of a more traditional kitchen remodel. Se we are just replacing the cabinet doors, panels and trims your cabinet boxes and appliances stay in place during the project. We clean up at the end of each day and you can use your kitchen as you normally would until we return the next day.

Most kitchens can be completed in 5 to 8 days.

How is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Done?

Refacing is the process of replacing all the doors, drawers, trim and panels on your cabinets without removing them from the wall. Refacing and repainting are very different. No painting is done as part of the refacing process.

There are a few advantages to refacing:

  • Its fast – most projects are completed in just 7 days
  • Its less disruptive – your kitchen remains functional throughout the project
  • You can change your doors style and color
  • You can make modifications to your cabinets before they are refaced
  • You cabinets look brand new and fucntion better when refacing is complete

For a detailed overview of cabinet refacing check our recent refacing projects or watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Reface or Replace?

In general, kitchen cabinet refacing makes the most sense when you want to update the look and function of your cabinets without removing the countertops or appliances.

If you are planning on replacing your countertops then replacing your cabinet might make more sense and could even cost less.

Since we provide both remodeling and refacing services we can help you decide which is best for needs during our initial consult.

What Does It Cost?

Cabinet refacing costs can vary a lot depending on the size of the kitchen and what modificaitons need to be made. On average, a mid sized kitchen in Tallahassee costs between $18,000 and $22,000 to reface.

You can read more about refacing costs here. 

Here’s How To Get Started


1. Schedule A Consult

We’ll visit your home to discuss what you’d like done and take measurements.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

 2. Choose Your New Doorstyle, Colors and Organizers

There are dozens of options to chose from. All doors come with hidden soft close hinges and new pulls. We can also add drawers, pullouts and organizers. We can even add and modify existing cabinets.



3. We Update Your Kitchen

Most kitchen cabinet refacing projects are completed in 5 to 7 days. You can use your kitchen the whole time as we do not have to remove the countertops or appliances in order to reface your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Trash Pullout

Recent Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Projects

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Tallahassee

Large Kitchen Cabinet Reface

Lot of modification and upgrades on this project including new counters and backsplash. $46,500

Kitchen Cabinet Reface Tallahassee

Mid Sized Kitchen Reface

Added some drawers, refaced the kitchen and build a custom bar cabinet. $19,800.

Cabinet Reface Tallahassee

Simpler Cabinet Reface

A smaller kitchen. We also added some new drawer boxes and repaired the island. $15,400.

Video: Cabinet Refacing Start to Finish