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Advantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Tallahassee


Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

A typical project is complete in 5 days or less

Cabinet refacing gives your kitchen a whole new look by replacing all the doors and drawer fronts with new ones and covering your face frames and visible cabinet ends with 1/4 inch color matched panels. Some people will call it re-dooring, re-surfacing or refinishing but these terms are not accurate for what we do.

Cabinet refacing is more detailed and longer lasting than refinishing or resurfacing. We aren’t giving your kitchen a “tune up”. We are customizing a new look for your kitchen using high quality products and hardware.

What are the advantages to Cabinet Refacing? 

The Most Recognized Advantage is Cost

Many people seek cabinet refacing as an option because it can cost 30 to 40 percent less than traditional cabinet replacement.  Cost comparisons are tricky though and much depends on the door style, finish and the quality of the cabinet you are comparing them to. We’ll be able to give you an exact estimate of your costs when we visit your home.

But Cabinet Refacing is not Cheap, nor is cost the only advantage

A typical kitchen refacing will cost $8,000 – $15, 000 depending on the size of the kitchen. But cost savings are not the only advantage to cabinet refacing, in fact it might be the least significant.

Other Advantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

It’s Less Disruptive

Your kitchen cabinets remain in place and you can continue using your kitchen throughout the process.

It’s Faster

A complete kitchen cabinet refacing can be complete in 3 to 5 days, about half the time of a traditional cabinet replacement.

Its Cleaner

Without the need to demolish the existing cabinets the refacing process is relatively dust free and does no damage to surrounding areas.

Save Your Counter Tops

Kitchen Cabinet refacing allows us to completely update and improve your cabinets without removing or harming your existing counter tops.

Even More Advantages !

 We Can Modify your Cabinets

We can customize and modify your cabinets before refacing. A popular option is called a drawer conversion. We remove the doors from your base cabinets and install new drawers in their place.  Many people find drawers to be more useful storage, even for dishes and large counter top appliances.  We also install pullouts and organizers like trash pullouts, corner pullouts and drawer organizers.

We install better hinges and drawer slides and even custom pullouts and storage

Many cabinet manufacturers and other refacing systems come with inferior hinges and slides to save money.

We think that’s silly because you will be using your kitchen every day, multiple times a day why would you want to put up with noisy, rough slides or hinges that wiggle and don’t hold the door straight?

When we replace your doors we include BLUM soft close hinges. If you choose to install new drawer boxes as well as drawer fronts we also install BLUM full extension soft close drawer slides.

We add decorative moldings and panels

We have a lot of options for adding decorative elements to your kitchen. Crown molding and light rail molding come standard but there are custom options too. A popular option is to install custom Refrigerator panels to give your kitchen fridge that built in look.

We hope this helped you see that cabinet refacing is not just a good option for people with a tight budget but actually a great solution for many kitchen remodeling projects. If you’d like more information or an estimate please click the button below.


Thank you for reading! If you think refacing cabinets is the best route for you check out our process

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