8 Tips to Keep a Cleaner Bathroom

8 Tips to Keep a Cleaner Bathroom

By following these eight simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom clean without ever having to spend a whole day cleaning it.

Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, and there’s nothing worse than realizing that your bathroom is a mess and requires a deep cleaning. The good news is that by following these eight simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom clean without ever having to spend a whole day cleaning it.

1. Start With a Deep Clean

Now, if your bathroom is filthy, then you will have to clean it thoroughly; there’s no way around that. Take the time to clean it up, and then once it’s clean, you’ll be able to follow the rest of these tips so that you never need to do a deep clean like this again. Plus, there’s nothing better than having a nice clean bathroom – you deserve it.

2. Give All of Your Items a Home to Reduce Clutter Build-up

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to having a dirty bathroom is disorganization. Having toothbrushes, toiletries, or other knickknacks lying around in the bathroom can quickly turn into the situation. The best way to organize your bathroom is to make sure that all your items have a home.

Toothbrushes can go in the toothbrush holder; toiletries can go in a toiletry bag, try to find somewhere to store all the various things in your bathroom so that it’s well organized and free from clutter; and always remember to take advantage of sink storage to maximize your bathroom storage space.

3. Keep Cleaning Supplies in the Bathroom

It’s a good idea to keep multiples of your favorite cleaning products under the sink in your bathroom. By keeping a supply of cleaning products under the bathroom sink, you’ll never have to go looking for them and will always know where your supplies are when you need them. Some good products to keep under your bathroom sink include bleach, soap, scrubbing brushes, and sponges.

4. Break Up the Tasks

Instead of trying to tackle the whole thing in one day, break up the various tasks into smaller bite-sized chunks. By spending just five minutes a day on your bathroom, you’ll be able to make sure that it’s always clean and never gets to the point that it needs a deep cleaning.

5. Clean Your Shower While You Shower

One neat idea is to keep a squeegee or scrubbing brush in your shower so that the next time you lather up, you can clean your shower tiles at the same time; not only will this save you time, but it’s also a great way to turn an otherwise monotonous task into something fun. If you want to make sure your bathroom is extra clean, then consider going over it with a bacteria-killing blue light, which can kill most of the bacteria in your bathroom, leaving it cleaner and much more sanitary.

6. Tidy the Counter After Your Night Routine

At the end of the night, after you’ve brushed your teeth, washed your face, and finished your normal bedtime routine, take a few minutes to wipe down your bathroom counter. Rinse any toothpaste out of the sink, put any objects that might be on the counter or way into their proper place, and give the mirror a quick wipe. By spending one minute on this at the end of the night, your bathroom counter will always look spotless for when company comes over, and you’ll never feel like it’s an overwhelming task.

7. Keep the Toilet Clean

Give your toilet bowl a quick scrub every few days. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to drain the toilet and bleach the tank or anything extreme like that; just give it a quick once over with your toilet brush and make sure that the bowl is clear of any dirt or stains. If you use toilet pucks, then you can go ahead and change it at this time as well. Cleaning your toilet may not be the most fun way to pass the time, but you’ll be glad that you did it when company shows up unannounced.

8. Quick Floor Cleanup

Last but not least, spend five minutes cleaning up your bathroom floor every few days. This might mean giving it a quick mop or going over it with a squeegee. You don’t need to overdo it and clean it with a toothbrush; just make sure that it’s more or less sanitary, and you should be good to go.

Keeping your bathroom clean is easy.

Keeping your bathroom clean doesn’t need to be a major headache. By spending a few minutes each day on bathroom maintenance, you can ensure that your bathroom is free of bacteria and always looks perfectly clean. If you follow the tips and tricks listed above, you’ll be able to cut down on the time that you spend cleaning your bathroom and believe it or not; you might even have some fun.

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