Product Highlight: Bacteria Killing Blue Light

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So many of us treat taking a shower as an escape- a little bit of “me” time; the water is steaming hot and you’re feeling squeaky clean. But have you ever wondered exactly how clean your shower is? Even if you spend HOURS scrubbing your bathtub and wiping down the shower — if your bathroom isn’t clean, you’re not gonna be clean.

This bacteria killing light cleans your shower for you. Ellumi products are the combined invention of two companies: Evolution Lighting, a leader in cutting edge lighting technology, and Vital Vio, the provider of this bacteria-killing technology. These lights have a built- in disinfectant system producing light waves that kill surface bacteria in 8 hours. Unlike other bacteria- killing lights, Ellumi safely kills up to 99% of bacteria without the use of UV or harsh chemical solutions. This unique technology makes the Ellumi light completely safe for your family and pets.


According to the ellumi website:

University researchers have proven that VioSafe specific wavelengths of visible light are safe for humans but deadly to bacteria.  ellumi™ uses these wavelengths to eliminate up to 99% of germs – bacteria, mold and fungi – on surfaces while illuminating your spaces with the flip of a light switch. The lighting technology used in ellumi™excites certain molecules in harmful microorganisms through photo-activation to produce Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), causing cell damage and death over time.

The light has two light settings: the disinfecting mode, and the standard mode. In standard mode, this light acts like  a standard household light and projects normal white light. But flip it into disinfecting mode, and you’ll instantly know it’s doing its job. It projects a violet light that, while totally safe for you, is a purple, germ-killing machine. Plus, it’ll make your bathroom look pretty cool.

The Ellumi light is offered as a recessed option (great for showers) or as under cabinet lighting reaching those common germ collecting areas in your kitchen.

With the power to banish fungi, mold, and bacteria with the flick of a switch, this light will give you peace of mind and, more importantly, a safe shower.

Shown above is a recent project of ours featuring the Ellumi light. Learn more by checking out their website.


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Paul McManus
Certified Residential Contractor, CRC1331326

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