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4 Game Changing Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Years ago, the family kitchen was a “working” room that was unadorned and closed off from guests. Today it’s the heart of the home for both families and guests. In Tallahassee, family time and entertaining is often more integral than most. Even though were in Florida, Tallahassee is still very much considered part of the south! One thing I can promise you is that family traditions and home cooked meals aren’t going anywhere! This makes having a well designed and functional kitchen extremely important. Here are four ideas that will hopefully provide you with some kitchen remodeling inspiration while making the heart of your home a place that everybody will love to congregate.


1. Go Natural: 

Wood and natural stone materials for flooring are increasingly popular. They wear well and look great. Plus, since so many kitchens now open up into a great room, it creates a natural flow from the kitchen to the rest of the house. There are plenty of stones, types of wood and finishes for any look that you may be trying to achieve!



2. Stay with Stainless:  

Designers are always looking for the next kitchen appliance color. The trend right now is toward bold colors. But, as much as some designers try to kill stainless, It’s still a great choice. It’s easy to clean and it blends with so many different styles.  Not to mention, you can always change wall color, but bold colored appliances are much more of a commitment! If you are unsure, stainless steel appliances are definitely the way to go.



3. Open Things Up:  

There’s a significant move toward open-style shelving in the kitchen.  For one thing, it creates an open, airy feel (which is particularly nice if you have a smaller kitchen). Plus, it’s a great way to show off attractive or unusual items (like that French press you never actually use!). Some people love the look of open shelving but nix the idea right away due to fears of inadequate storage space. That’s not always the case! There are plenty of ways to get creative if you need extra storage. 



4. Focus on Lighting  

Keep your eye on LED lighting solutions for the kitchen.  There are more and more possibilities all the time, and these lights (pendant, chandeliers, or track lights) give off a much more natural and pleasing light than CFLs. They also cut down on power usage! Scroll through some of your favorite vendors and see whats new and exciting for some extra kitchen remodeling inspiration.




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