Whole Home Remodel

Betton Woods, Tallahassee
  • Complete Kitchen Remodel
  • Master Bathroom Remodel
  • New Flooring In The Whole Home
  • Total Cost: $203,231.95

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Project Overview

This homeowner wanted to update their home to make it more modern while maintaining their eclectic design style. The project consisted of three main areas: the kitchen area, the laundry and pantry area, and the upstairs master bathroom. Starting downstairs, the kitchen area was completely gutted to make room for a new cabinet and island layout and a new dining area. Additionally, there is a powder bath within the kitchen area that received the same treatment. The laundry area had all new cabinets installed and the adjoining pantry was gutted and had new shelving installed.

Upstairs, the master bath was gutted, and completely rearranged. The tub was removed and that area was turned into a shower while the original shower area was turned into storage area with custom wood shelves and a linen cabinet. Further, the vanity area was completely redone. As a final touch, the staircase was replaced, the interior of the home was painted, and the flooring was replaced throughout the lower level of the home whole home.

Before and After

Drag the slider in the image below to see the transformation!

The before and after photos for this kitchen really emphasize how a new design can completely transform a space!

Our Favorite Things

We love this homeowner’s taste! Check out some of our favorite features from their kitchen remodel!

Navy Blue Island

The navy blue island in this kitchen sits in beautifully stark contrast to the bright white in the rest of the kitchen.

Glass Upper Cabinets

We think that this homeowner’s glass upper cabinets bookending the buffet allow for better storage and a beautiful area to display things.

Pot Filler

The pot filler above the range is a beautiful feature of this home remodel. With an elegant look and luxurious functionality, it is hard to go wrong with this accessory.

Custom Wood Accent on Hood

Designing a custom wood accent for this hood added a flare of warm, earth tones to this otherwise bright white kitchen.

New Staircase

The stairs were originally a different shade of wood and had the front faces of each step painted with a different color. While this was a super fun design, matching the staircase to the new floors in the home adds continuity to the home.

Brand New Shower

Previously, the shower in the master bathroom was very cramped. To fix this, the old tub was removed and a beautiful new tiled shower was installed in its place.

Before Photos

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Design Concepts

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After Photos

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Scope of Work

This project was completed in two phases. Phase 1 was the downstairs area, and phase 2 was the upstairs area. Downstairs, the kitchen, laundry room, pantry, and powder bath were completely gutted. In the kitchen, a new cabinet layout made space for an island. moving to the laundry room, all new cabinets were added to make space efficient storage for the space. The old pantry storage was very small, so custom built-in shelves were added to maximize the available space. At the other end of the downstairs area, the powder bath was gutted and had new wall paneling installed. as a final touch to the downstairs area, all new flooring was added.

Moving up the staircase (Which was also replaced), the master bath was completely gutted to change the layout. The original shower area was converted into a cabinet and shelving area, the tub was removed and converted into a shower, the toilet was replaced, and the vanity was replaced.

Timeline, Challenges and Solutions

Project Start

October 12th, 2021

Estimated Completion

December 2nd, 2021

Actual Completion

May 23rd, 2022

This job ran into more than its fair share of issues… But every issue has a solution! To start, during the demolition phase, a termite infestation was found, meaning the whole project had to be put on hold until insurance could assess the situation and rectify it with their own sub contractors. While that took some time to repair, the home was repaired as quickly as possible and is now termite free!

Another delay was that a rusty nail causing a leak, and then water damage. When dealing with older homes, with older pipes, this can happen, meaning that this wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before. As such, we were able to contain the damage and make all of the necessary repairs to the home.

A third delay was that the company that makes the custom hoods forgot to send the hood. Once the claim was made to get another hood, it was lost in shipping, causing further delays. This is an issue where the solution is patience. In the end, the hood was tracked down for the client and now sits as one of the most beautiful parts of their remodel.

And finally, the middle vanity cabinet in the master bathroom came in significantly shorter that than its counterparts, meaning it had to be sent back and replaced. We made a claim and had the cabinet replaced as soon as possible, and now the vanity looks stunning! 

Project Costs

Initial Budget: $166,519.00

Fixed Price Proposal: $182,202.62

Change Orders: $36,361.60

Final Project Cost: $203,231.95

Cost Details

The initial Good-Better-Best budget for this project was $166,519.00 while the final total was $203,231.95. There are two main reasons for this price increase. First, during the design phase, the homeowner made selections that increased their budget to $182,220.62. Second, during the project, the homeowner requested $36,361.60 in change orders, further increasing the budget. Some of the larger change orders included $10,000 for termite repairs, $4,500 to redo the upstairs flooring in order for it to match the rest of the house, $2,700 for new wall paneling in the powder bath, and $4,000 to remove the popcorn ceilings, re-glaze them, and paint them. 

Cost Breakdown

  • Installation Labor 33% 33%
  • Fixtures and Materials 41% 41%
  • Design and Project Management 11% 11%
  • Overhead and Profit 11% 11%
  • Shipping and Sales Tax 4% 4%



In the kitchen, this homeowner went with the Evoke door style from Bellmont’s 1600 line in White paint for the cabinets on the walls and Naval paint for the island cabinets.

the cabinets in the laundry room are Bellmont’s Studio door style was used in Naval paint.

In the master bath, the cabinets are the Frame door style in Matte White from Bellmont’s 1300 line.


The countertops in the kitchen and laundry room are Cambria’s Whitby quartz countertops.

While the countertops in the master bath are Silestone’s Miami Vena quartz countertops.


Throughout the whole lower floor of the home (And the staircase) the flooring is the Tsunami Rigid Classic – Divine LVP.

Plumbing Fixtures

The pot filler is the Delta Broderick pot filler in arctic stainless finish.

Trade Partners

We’ve been developing relationships with quality trade partners for years. We tend to use the same subcontractors because we trust their work and have developed a great working relationship with them. This helps make projects run smoother.

Demo: C and T Home Improvements

Plumbing: Capital Plumbing Contractors

Electric: Truevolt

Carpetry: CTR Custom Cabinet Built-Ins and Trim

Drywall: Fat Boy Drywall

Painting: A Different Stroke By Kenneth

HVAC: Watts Cooling Heating and Plumbing

Tile: QSA Tile

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