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Your Kitchen Estimate: Details Matter

The difference between a mediocre kitchen and a fantastic one are dozens of details that you need to get right. That’s why a quick, vague estimate just won’t cut it. You don’t want to get a ‘low ball’ estimate that leaves out all those little details, you’ll be disappointed with the final result. 

Your kitchen estimate needs to have two parts:

  1. A detailed scope of work that outlines the work that is to be performed and
  2. A detailed list of fixtures and materials to be installed.



kitchen estimate tallahassee fl

Our Good Better Best Kitchen Estimate (GBB)

To address common problems with the way most remodeling estimates are done we created the Good Better Best estimate process. Actually, we didn’t really create it, it was shared with us by the good folks at the SEN Design Group, a kitchen and bath industry consulting and education group we are members of.

SEN has been preaching the benefits of the Good Better Best estimate for years. We took the idea, adapted it to our needs and the results are a process that is accurate, detailed and collaborative. The GBB provides a detailed, accurate estimate that is driven by your choices, not ours.

The GBB Estimate: How does it work?

We’ve adopted a two-step process to create your initial GBB estimate.

Step 1:

The Home visit. We’ll come out to discuss your project and take careful measurements of the space. The initial home visit takes about an hour.

Step 2:

The Showroom visit. We’ll schedule a time for you to come into the showroom. We carefully review the scope of work and then create you Good Better Best Estimate together.

Our Kitchen and Bath Showroom

One reason the GBB works so well for us is we have a kitchen and bath showroom designed take advantage of the GBB process. It allows us to show you the difference between say, a “good” faucet and a “best” faucet. That way you can make an educated decision on the materials you want installed in your bathroom, whether you purchase them from us or one of our local partners.

An Example of Our Detailed Scope of Work

Another Reason is the detailed scope of work we create prior to our showroom meeting. This detailed scope of work used to take hours to create but now we used a spreadsheet tailored to each type of project so it can be done quickly at our first home visit.


kitchen estimate tallahassee fl


The GBB process takes about an hour and when complete you’ll get 4 quotes for your project based on the materials and scope of work you select and agree to.

If you’d like to get a Good Better Best Quote for your project just click here and we’ll reach out to schedule your initial home visit. Thank you. 

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