Fish Scale Tiles Brighten a Small Bath

Wellswood-Suburban Hills, Tallahassee

Lead Designer:  Stephanie Jen         

Project Manager: Elliot Holtom

Total Cost: $45,871

Time To Complete: 4 Weeks

Why Case Studies?

One of our core values is to continuosly improve and these case studies are a part of that process. We first meet as a team to discuss what went well and what lessons were learned. Then a case study is written.

From boring and dreary to light and bright! Drag the slider to see the transformation!

Fish Scale Tile Shower and Bath Remodel: Key Updates

  • Fish Scale Tiles in Two colors
  • Large Pedestal Sink
  • Tub To Shower Conversion
  • Floating Shelves with Plug

Quote from the client:

“We love it! I can’t believe what a difference it made and we have more storage and room than before.”

Tub to shower conversion with Fish scale tiles in blue and white
Bath Remodel with skirted wall hung sink and floating shelves

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Project Preparation

We put a lot of effort into preparring for and executing a project including:

  • creating detailed designs and scope of work documents,
  • ordering all your materials in advance and storing them in our warehouse
  • having  a project manager is on site every day during the project
  • Daily progress reports that are reviewed by the whole team

Still, every project has challenges

Remodeling by nature is a little unpredicable. Even with the best of planning there is often a surprise or two. Our goal is to learn from these challenges and improve our systems and processes to avoid them in the future. 

Challenges And Solutions

This was a pretty small project. Just 4 weeks and it went pretty smoothly. We did have a small issue with a new plumbing tech who did not caulk the toilet properly but our project manager caught it quickly and it was addressed. 

The other issue involved the sink skirt. When we ordered the sink we were told the skirt came with it but in reality it needed to be ordered separately. This was not discovered until after the sink was installed which meant we had to remove the sink, adjust the plumbing and then reinstall the sink with the skirt. This only took a day to correct but it could have been avoided. 

Fish Scale Tile Bath Update

Our Favorite Things

Every project has a few things that really make it stand our or were special to the homeowner. Here are our favorites.

Floating Shelves with plug

We love putting floating shelves over the tub in a small bath and adding a plug. 

Blue fish scale tile accent in shower niche

The fish scale tile was a really great choice and the two tone color really add extra ‘wow’

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Project Story: Start To Finish

Estimate, Design and Planning

We generally do not do small projects like this one. It’s not that we are against doing them, its just with our high level of service we tend to be expensive for this size project. 

But we explain that very clearly during the consult process and discuss all the options so you can make the right choice for your needs. This client had has some bad experiences with other contractors and really liked our turn key approach and focus on service and communication. 

The extra costs was well worth it to them. 

Main Issues With Current Space

The bathroom was really out of date and was hard to keep clean. They also no longer needed the tub. The space felt crowded with the cumbersom over the toilet organizer and builder grade vanity. 

Project Goals

Removing the tub and installing a shower was the big priority. But they also wanted to make the space feel more open and add some storage. 


We started design on November 14th, 2023 finalized everything on December 5th 2023 and scheduled the project start for January 3rd 2024. The project was completed on time on February 1st 2024. 

Project Costs

Our Process: We start each project with a Design and Budget Consult to create the initial estimate. Then we collect a 5% Design retainer to complete the design, select all the materials and get exact labor costs. At the end of the design process we present a fixed price proposal for the project. 

Initial Estimate:  $39,561

This was the estimate we presented at the end of our design and budget consult. It include a mix of Good and Better selections.

Fixed price proposal: $45,502

The total cost at the end of the design process increased due to the cost of the fish scale tiles and the cost to install them along with a increased plumbing costs.

The High Cost of Small Projects

As we always explain during our consult process. We are an expensive option for small project. We provide better designs, better service and excellent project management but it does come at a cost. These clients were happy to pay the increased cost for a smooth running project and for our design process.

      Cost Breakdown

      • Installation Labor 53% 53%
      • Materials and Fixtures 10% 10%
      • Design and Project Management Costs 25% 25%
      • Sales Tax and Shipping 2% 2%
      • Overhead and Profit 10% 10%

      Materials and Fixtures Used in This Project

        • Floating Shevles from Ultrashelf
        • Toto Prominance Wall Mount Sink
        • Toto Drake Toilet
        • Delta Lahara Faucet
        • Delta Linden Monitor Shower System
        • Kicheler Avery Vanity Light
        • Broan Flex 100 CFM Bath Fan
        • Shower and Tile
          • Highwater Maya Fishscale Tile White from Tilebar
          • Highwater Maya Fishcale Tile in Blue from Tilebar.
          • Marin 2×2 Matte Pearl White tiles for shower floor from Bedrosians Tile
          • Celine 4×4 tiles from Bedrosians for bath floor.
          • Marble sills from Whole Tiles
          • Sanitay cove base tile from Daltile

        Before Photos

        Final Project Photos

        Estimate from a Remodeling Contractor

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