Girls Bathroom That Doubles as A guest bath

Lafayette Oaks Neighborhood, Tallahassee, FL

Lead Designer:  Kristi Williams

Project Manager: Mike Johnson

Girls Bathroom BeforeGirls bathroom After

Drag slider to see the transformation!

Project Highlights

  • Corner Shower with Frosted Glass Encloure
  • Double Vanity With Vessel Sinks
  • Bold Graphic Floor Tile and Bevelled Subway Wall Tile
  • Niche at Vanity for Extra Storage

Quote from the client:

“We’re finally not embarrased by that bathroom anymore, and the girls love it” 

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Project Summary:

Girls Bathroom / Guest Bath Remodel

This was our 3rd project for this family and the a last room in their home that needed updating. When they first came to us with the idea of fitting a shower and a double vanity in the girls bathroom I was skeptical if it could be done in such a small space. But after some creative design work we worked it out!


Proposed project start date: Jan 23, 2023 Actual Project Start Date: Jan 23, 2023

Proposed Completion Date: March 23, 2023 –  Actual Completion Date: March 17th 2023

We started design on October 18th, finalized everythings on Nov 29th 2022 and scheduled the project start for Feb 28th 2023. The project was completed on time on April 27th.

Budget vs Final Price

Our initial budgets are usually very accurate and this was no exception.

  • The budget we presented for this project was $53,235.
  • The final fixed price proposal was for $57,085, about 7 percent more than the budget
    • The increase was partally due to Labor costs for this project coming in in about $2000 more than budgeted due to the addition of moving a window
    • and partially due to adding more expensive material selections in design like frosted shower glass instead of clear (which added $1000) and more expensive cabinets.

Change Orders

On this project there Just one change order due to a miscommunication in design. In design the client assured us that their current bath fan was vented through the roof, as is required by building code. Unfortunately at our pre-construction meeting we realized it was not. This resulted in a $1361 change order for the extra roofing and HVAC

Final Project Photos

Project Details:

Girls Bathroom / Guest Bath

The girls bathroom would be shared by two teenagers so the homeowner had some specific requirements. Even though the bath was small she really needed two sinks and a shower area that was private. The solution was to create a corner shower which, though on the small side, left enough room for a 55″ double vanity and plenty of room for the toilet. 

Initial Home Visit

Since this was a returning client they were already very familar with how we work so we just made an appointment with them to scan the room and get measurements.

Before Photos

Girls Bathroom Before remodeling
old vanity

The floor tile was new but the rest of the bath needed work. 

The biggest issues were having only one sink for two girls sharing the bathroom, the outdated look and a lack of storage. 

Initial Discussion

The biggest issues the homeowner had were:

  • They needed two sinks so both daughters could get ready in the morning
  • The did not like the look of the bath
  • The tub was never used in the girls bathroom
  • They needed better storage

We also suggested that the lighting and ventilation needed improvement and the possiblity of adding storage.

Initial Showroom Visit

Girls bath concept 1

Initial Concept – moving the window to create a corner shower and larger vanity

We played around with a few options but ultimately there was only one concept that worked well for the girls bath. It meant removing the large center window in the bath and replacing it with a smaller one over the new toilet location so we could create a corner shower.

    Rendering 1Bath After 1

    Slide between images to see the 3D rendering vs the final photo

    Design, Planning and Ordering

    Because this was a retun client the design process went quite well. This homeowner had strong options and knew what she wanted. 

    By the end of the first meeting we had decided:

    • General Layout – cabinets, toilet and shower – to create the Demo and Framing plans
    • Plumbing (toilet, sinks, shower) and Electic (lights, plugs, accessories) locations
    • HVAC plan (bath fans and vents)
    final design

    The Final rendered design for the Girls Bathroom

    By the end of the second meeting we had finalized everything:

    • All Materials, colors and fixtures were chosen
    • The scope of work was finalized and all bids were back
    • Our project managers had reviewed everything with our designer
    Bath render 1
    Bath render 2

    Final 3D Renders of the Girls Bathroom 

    Ordering and Storage

    Now that Design was complete we ordered all their materials, finalized the project calendar and set the exact start date for their project. As material arrive we stored them in our warehouse until the project start date.


    Construction on this project went quite well with very few surprises. The project manager did a great job and we wound up finishing a week ahead of schedule. 

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